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In 2020 the study modality in many universities has changed. For those who were already studying online careers, the Covid-19 pandemic has not meant any change in their training, but: how are the online final exams going to be for other face-to-face careers and universities?

Taking into account that the return to face-to-face classes is being considered in many of the country's educational institutions, the final exams of the November / December tables would be face-to-face. But not in all universities, since some have decided to extend the online modality during the rest of the year.

What happens with the final exams in July - August?

Most of them will be online final exams. Many students will be actively preparing by using different services such as https://meowessay.com/blog/how-to-write-a-memo/. Although the return to institutions is projected in the regions without circulation of the virus after the winter holidays, it is likely that the universities are the last to return , as the Minister of Education comments, because it is the highest level of education. prepared for online mode. 

Therefore, it is estimated that the exams of the July / August tables will be online in the universities that allow it.

What are the online final exams like?

As it is a new modality for many, there is doubt about how universities are going to do to control online exams and how students are going to be able to demonstrate their knowledge.

It's about adapting. Universities are doing it dictating new protocols and that is what students should achieve. Perhaps the tests that were previously given orally in front of a teaching team, will now be done in the same way, but by video call. 

Each university and each professor has its own way of taking final exams, and here are some:

  • Video calls: Through programs such as Zoom or Google Classroom, you can have an oral exam with the same characteristics as a face-to-face one. You can even make presentations by sharing the student's screen with the teacher and using programs like Google Slides.
  • Multiple Choice: Some teachers have chosen this modality, and have even given the possibility of taking the exams offline, with a short delivery time to ensure student knowledge. 
  • Group: Also with programs for video calls, some universities have accepted that all students and teachers connect to a general video call, with the camera turned on obligatorily and with the slogan of sending the exam by email with a certain end time. 
  • Works with delivery dates: In a modality that imitates practical work, but evaluating knowledge in a more profound way, the teachers send the instructions and decide on a final delivery date. 
  • Group exams: In some cases, the work that was carried out in a group way can still be done thanks to collaborative work platforms and softwares such as Google Docs or some more specific to each career, in which a group of students can work at the same time making modifications.

It is important to understand that the modalities of the exams will be adapted to the characteristics of the subjects , and may even vary within the same university, degree and subject. 

Each university develops its own protocol to ensure the transparency of the exams. For example, in some cases students are asked to present their ID to the camera and thus verify the identity of the same, others like the UBA have directly decided not to take online exams and only do it in person when the situation allows it.

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